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Goona Browser, a free and opensource webbrowser

The Goona Browser Team - May 13, 2010
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Publisher's description

Goona Browser is a free, opensource and fully standards-compilant web browser, released under the GNU General Public License 3. It's interface is a simple, easy to use but powerful GUI
* Tabbed web browsing: almost any modern browser has this, but Goona Browser has a difference - when you hover the mouse on the tabs, a thumbnail of the tab appears below it, just like in Windows Aero taskbar!
* Favorites
* History with a thumbnail of the page in each entry (the thumbnail is bigger enough to let you recognize a page). Thumbnails do not take much space in disk since they are encoded in JPEG format and are saved on a single file to provide a quicker access to them.
* Powerful, advanced download manager (comparable with Orbit or FDM). Supports download pause and multi-threading (various segments in one file)
* Dual-engine: allows you to choose which rendering engine will show you the webpages: Gecko or Webkit
* Basic twitter integration, advanced integration with twitter and facebook in the future.
* Easy to use, powerful control panel.
* Simple but powerful interface that leaves many space left for viewing the websites (even in smaller screen resolutions!)
* The installer may be bigger and slow to download on bad connections, but the amount of features worth the time lost.

Goona Browser is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Please note that for Windows XP and Vista you need to have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Windows 7 already comes with .NET 3.5 installed by default.
The amount of RAM memory needed may vary, depending on the amount of tabs you want to be open at the same time. Recommended CPU speed is 1, 5 GHz or faster, Goona Browser may work with less but slower.

Goona browser is so standards-compilant as Mozilla Firefox 3.6, since it uses Gecko with XULRunner updated to the latest version. So, you can use it to browse your favorite sites without any problem.

Minimum requirements

• .Net Framework 3.5

Additional info

Operating system: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 2010-05-11

Downloads: 3

Downloads last week: 0